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Check out these reviews, testimonials and success stories from Karen Strang Allen's current & former clients!

success stories


Chantal Houde

Single 2 Soulmates participant (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

I wanted to reach out to share the exciting news with you...Last week Justin and I took a wonderful vacation, and he proposed to me on the beach in Mexico! As you know, I started seeing him while I was in your program and you really helped me navigate those first few months. Your support helped me to let go of old thought patterns and behaviors that had been keeping me stuck in unfulfilling, dishonest relationships.


I'm so grateful to finally be in a healthy, supportive relationship with a man who shares many of my values and has a similar outlook on life. We have so much fun together, and love to read books out loud to each other, play board games, eat delicious food, and spend lots of time outside. We are planning on moving in together in the summer, and are are both thriving in our work.


I got a great promotion a couple of months ago and my side business teaching yoga continues to grow as I host more events and have a regular stream of client referrals for private therapeutic yoga/nervous system regulation sessions. My health has also never been better as I've let go of the high stress relationships I had with men in the past. Life is very good. I feel your program and especially your personal support were a really big part of my success - so a big thank you to you is warranted.


Jodie Kluserits

Transform Your Life participant (British Columbia, Canada)

Before I met Karen I was lost, and feeling a bit defeated in life. Though I was successful in my career, I was having trouble even meeting any men worth talking to. At the beginning of the pandemic I felt that I lost all hope, to say I was lonely was an understatement. 


Karen helped me see that I had my guard up, from past hurts that I had not dealt with. By going back through a process of forgiving others and forgiving myself I was able to finally put things behind me that were causing the walls. I truly felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders, and I immediately saw results in my personal life and relationships.


I have now met a wonderful man, one of great character, and truly a soul mate. He just recently proposed, and we will be married in December! If it wasn’t for Karen’s program, I would not have been able to accept the love offered by my soon to be husband! Thank you Karen, your program changed my life! 

Watch Jodie & Wes's love story!

Julie Ambury.jpg

Julie Ambury

Transform Your Life participant (Kingston, ON, Canada)

THANK YOU so very much for the work you do to help empower women into shining their lights in the world and making the world a better place for all. As a professionally trained teacher, I have very high standards for the courses I take and the people who lead them, so when I say that this course is very well planned, laid out and delivered, I feel that is high praise that I don't give out very often!

When I started Transform Your Life (TYL), I had a difficult time even naming emotions, never mind accepting them, releasing them in a healthy way that didn't cause harm to others, and choosing a higher vibe place from which to act (or not act). I have definitely shifted away from a victim mentality where things are happening "to me" to flipping my perspective and creating positive momentum in my life. If you are struggling, or even just feeling like there is more to life that your soul is calling you toward, I strongly recommend you take this course - Karen and the course deliver! Well worth the investment! Thank you so very much, Karen. I am forever grateful.


Dianna Harvey

Transform Your Life participant (Belleville, ON, Canada)

I just wanted to give you a full update on how wonderful things are going for me right now. I truly have you to thank for all of it. Without your program I don't think I would have gotten over the hurt that my divorce caused. I really had to take ownership of my part in it all to be able to forgive both myself and my ex to be able to move past it. 

Larry and I are getting married June 18, 2022 and we couldn't be happier. He treats me with respect and appreciation, because I now know I deserve it and I won't tolerate anything less. I have found my voice and I'm not afraid to use it, in a respectful adult way in any, friends, kids and partner. 

You have found your true calling, helping women find themselves, learning to respect and love themselves. To know they are truly worthy of respect and love from others. Anyone who doesn't come out of your program a better person is not ready to look deep at themselves and do the work that is needed to be a better version of themselves. I thank you once again and appreciate everything you do. 

Tanya & Tamara.jpeg

Tanya DiVirgilio

Transform Your Life participant (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

I took a leap of faith and put my trust in Karen. It has been the MOST amazing experience of my life. Karen creates a safe space to heal, learn, and overcome the past traumas and gives you the tools and strength to change your life. Knowing that I would likely be probably the only gay woman in the class, I can assure you that it made no difference. Karen’s use of inclusive language was appreciated and the space was safe to let it all out - my coming out stories, grief and past relationships, etc... Karen and her program and the amazing group of ladies made it easy to believe that I deserved more and shift those old beliefs to more positive ones.


I have never been happier and more comfortable in my own skin and in my life. I have opened up and am living my best life right now for my kids and for myself. Washing away the pains of the past opened me up to love and light. I can not recommend Karen enough. She is absolutely amazing. She is a guiding light that burns bright for you to succeed. Thank you, Karen, from the bottom of my heart ❤️

UPDATE: Tanya has found a terrific partner!   
Watch Tanya's story

Karen and Jeff.jpg

Karen Benell

Transform Your Life participant (Kanata, ON, Canada)

When I chose to leave my marriage of 24 years, I was so scared. I had been with him for 28 years, we had a family, built a home, a life. I knew I had made the right decision, but I also knew I didn't want to repeat mistakes of the past. So, enter Karen... I took Karen's course within the first 6 months of my separation. I didn't know at the time it would change my life forever.


Karen's course helped me to understand how I could change the way I made decisions and choose a new path. A path that had clear expectations for what I wanted and what I deserved. I almost repeated the bad decisions, several times. But with Karen's words resonating in my mind, I trusted in my new mindset. I opened my heart, albeit slowly, to the amazing man I now call my fiancé, who has brought so much joy and happiness into my life. If you have been blessed to have met Karen and are considering hiring her, please do. I took a leap of faith and will be forever grateful.

UPDATE: Karen and Jeff got married in June 2019!!    
Watch their love story!

Wendy Mason.jpg

Wendy Mason

Transform Your Life participant (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

I had the pleasure of doing a Transform Your Life program with Karen. It was a real game changer for me in both my personal and professional life. Not only did her program help me shed many limiting beliefs that were holding me back, she gave us tools to use going forward to help us continue on our journeys! Almost a year later, I am in an amazing relationship with a wonderful man who I never dreamed I would connect with, and have finally built up the courage to start my own business. Thank you Karen! 

UPDATE: Wendy is now married to her soulmate Ben (Summer 2022)   Watch Wendy's story


Kathy Siemons

Transform Your Life and Single 2 Soulmates participant (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

WOW! My life has changed in such wonderful ways. I put my heart into the course work and it is paying off. I have learned to love myself, have confidence, and know I CAN achieve anything that I really want … I am the driver of my destiny. I learned to let go of self-destructive feelings and beliefs that held me back for so long. I am feeling so good. 2020 is the year I really begin to live my most wonderful life! I have also signed up for her "Single 2 Soulmate" online course. Thank you Karen for coaching with all your love and support and sincerity. I am happy for myself and all the women that have benefited from working with you, and I hope that many more women find their way to your programs.


Paula Larocque

Transform Your Life and Single 2 Soulmates participant (Gatineau, QC, Canada)

Karen came into my life at a time when I so desperately needed someone to help make sense of my life, and personal and group empowerment coaching with Karen is one of the BEST decisions I have ever made. She is a natural encourager, strengths finder, truth seeker and genuine beautiful spirit all bundled up in a positive ball of energy.


Karen helped me discover who I am, what I want, and how to be the best me possible. Through her authenticity, she acts as a role model for me because she shares how she views herself in the challenges and the actions she took to create a life she wants and loves. Karen has been there every step of the way on my journey by holding me accountable for my success and by providing unconditional support.


I feel better about myself than I ever have before, I'm shining like I never have at work and have the greatest friends in the world, for the first time in my life. Believe me, a year and a half ago, I was in the darkest place and never believed this could be possible for me. Transform your Life and Karen's coaching have literally changed my life in ways I never could have imagined! Now I can see infinite possibilities! If you truly want your life to shift, and are willing to put in the work for yourself, this program is totally worth it.

Hope (2).JPG

Hope Burke

Transform Your Life and Single 2 Soulmates participant (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

I may qualify as the poster lady for 'It's never too late!!!’ Shortly after my 70th birthday, I was gifted with getting connected with Karen by a trusted friend. Feeling somewhat uncertain how it would feel to be in a group with 'gorgeous young ladies,' I was quickly assured by Karen that her programs are for all ages. This proved to be so true and I enrolled in a series of lectures and workshops culminating in a six-month course. 


The knowledge, wisdom and insights that I have gained has completely flipped my understanding of relationships one hundred and eighty degrees, to the point that I feel like a different, more confident and much wiser person on the inside. And possibly on the outside as well, as I have received compliments as the months progressed!!! No matter your age, accept the challenge to find your best self and live your best life under Karen's guidance.

UPDATE: Hope is now skiing & dancing with an amazing partner! (Summer 2022)

Jenny and Allan - summer.jpg

Jenny K.

Transform Your Life and Single 2 Soulmates participant (Gatineau, QC, Canada)

I met Karen when I was at a real low professionally and emotionally. Through working with Karen, I have come to realize that I do NOT need to settle and to have the strength to stick to high standards for what I want in my life. One of the best things about working with Karen has been the clarity I have finally achieved on what I want my life and love to look like. Before Karen, I wandered. Now I know. And I also now have the tools to make the life I want for myself actually happen. Since working with Karen, I got a new job I absolutely love, I bought a beautiful new home, I went on a Caribbean vacation with my sister, and I started dating again. Life is heading in the direction I want it to go thanks to Karen!! I can’t recommend her enough!!!!

UPDATE: Jenny now has her dream career, home and guy! (Summer 2020)    
Watch Jenny's story

Deanna 2.jpg

Deanna Wilson

Transform Your Life participant (Borden, ON, Canada)

I was referred to Karen a few years back, prior to my divorce actually, and I resisted the help. I put off contacting her and it wasn’t until I went to a free workshop and saw her in action that I said to myself ‘why did I wait so long?’ Over the last couple of years, I can honestly say I have grown into a confident, empowered, full-of-life, and motivated woman. Karen’s insightful and patient guidance not only contributed to my success, but in many ways was the catalyst I needed to transform my darkness to light. I have healed many wounds, gained an incredible amount of confidence, and fallen in love with myself.


With Karen’s coaching, I have seen major improvements in my work life, my home life and my overall happiness. I would recommend Karen’s workshops, courses and coaching to everyone in search of transformation and a greater connection to yourself and those in your life (or those yet to come). Thank you Karen! 


Kayleigh McEwan

Transform Your Life participant (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

When I met Karen, I was in continuous unhealthy relationships. Since I took her course, I learned so much about myself, what I want and what to do to get there. Karen is truly amazing at what she does and you will not come out the same person. I am now opening my own business, something that was always a distant dream. I am in a really healthy and happy relationship. Most importantly, I am happy and my whole life changed after taking one of her online courses. This woman will motivate you and it will change your life for the better. I have no doubt of this!

UPDATE: Kayleigh and Shayne married and had their first child in June 2020

Watch Kayleigh & Shayne's love story!


Lina Bonapace

Transform Your Life and Single 2 Soulmates participant (Gatineau, QC, Canada)

Thanks to Karen’s precious help and the support of the wonderful women in our group I worked though old patterns and resistances and am now open to receiving a new loving partner in my life. I’ve also reached a level of appreciation for who I am and a degree of self-love and respect I have never experienced before. I am grateful to Karen for providing a trusting environment with useful knowledge and tools for exploring, discovering, accepting, forgiving and healing all the way to clarifying and envisioning how to live the life I want to live to the fullest.

Joanne Lauzon.jpg

Joanne Lauzon

Transform Your Life participant (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

I am feeling WAY more confident and secure in WHO I AM, and taking charge of my own happiness.

Doing so has helped me attract a really lovely guy into my life. Even with a couple stumbles early on, I feel strong and able to manage if it doesn’t work out. I loved the layout of the course. It’s brilliant how you designed it. I love the group of ladies on the calls, and how supportive everyone is.

UPDATE: Joanne is now dating a great guy! (Summer 2022)

Kristina D.jpg

Kristina Dobson

Single 2 Soulmates participant (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

I first met Karen when I attended one of her Dating Demystified workshops and the moment she walked into the room I felt this amazing positive presence. I decided from there that I needed to see what this amazing woman could do to help me through a difficult time. Through Karen I have met some other amazing women who I now consider part of my circle of friends. I am so blessed and grateful to have met Karen and to have worked with her. She helped me through the difficult time and like I told her if I shed tears now they are brief and they are tears of happiness that I made it and survived the most difficult thing in my life. So I highly recommend her.

Tracey and Teo.jpg

Tracey Thomas 

Transform Your Life retreat participant (Edmonton, AB, Canada)

When I met Karen, I was living with a guy who was constantly cheating on me. I felt like I was stuck, I had no idea how to get out. Coming to Karen’s retreat was like a wake-up call. Now life couldn’t be better in all aspects. I’m living in Edmonton (I always wanted to live on the West Coast). I’m doing what I love, working as an international wedding photographer. And I’m with a guy who’s my absolute best friend, who believes in me when I don’t believe in me.

UPDATE: Tracey and Teo have been together for several years now! (February 2020)

Watch Tracey's story


About Karen's online group coaching courses

"Karen and Transform Your Life appeared to me just at the right time--It was a dark period in my life. I am amazed at the transformations that took place and still continue everyday. I've learned how to push through some very deep seeded blocks that kept on re-manifesting in specific areas of my journey as well as in certain aspects of my relationships. I am able to speak my truth, remain more calm, happy and energetically aligned for longer periods of time. I recover a lot quicker from the everyday "downs" that life throws out there. The most important part of this training for me has been how I have learned to be more "grateful" for so many blessings that I overlooked. Some challenges have been a lesson or blessing in disguise. The most painful, heartbreaking experiences have been an awakening or, sometimes a push or tug to seek out something better. Mostly, empowerment. Transform Your Life has changed my life in some very profound ways. I am truly grateful to Karen for this awesome program and I highly recommend it!!!"


Margaret, Windsor, ON, Transform Your Life participant

"The best decision I have made in decades is taking the Transform Your Life course and getting professional coaching by Karen.  I was newly single after 23 years of marriage and felt so lost in how to move on with my new life as a newly single person. Karen was able to guide me through the Transform Your Life Program and her professional coaching has helped me understand how to take my life back by giving me transformational tools to reflect on my life and choices, develop new strategies to move forward, analyze relationships, change habits and create an amazing new plan for an empowered life starting now and into the future. Karen has literally taught me how to “break free from my past, get clear about what I want for my future, and to become fearless in life and love” (Karen Strang-Allen).  I cannot thank you enough Karen, this course has been truly one of the best investments I have ever made. It is truly priceless.”

Lynn, Ottawa, ON, Transform Your Life participant

"Thank you for what you do! I am really enjoying falling in love with me. I am starting to have fun with my life. I know I have never felt this empowered. I am feeling great. I wouldn't be here, right now, in this great head space, without your guidance. And I am finally excited about my future...the possibilities are endless. I am getting ready for a fabulous, life-long seat belt is fastened and I am holding onto my hat...because my ride will be an amazing convertible!!"

Susan, Ottawa, ON, Single 2 Soulmates participant

“I often bounced around from idea to idea when it came to what I was going to do when I “grew up”. Quick fix ideas and the latest job postings always fell flat and I’d never understood why. I wanted it, why wasn’t it coming into my life?! I’d never realized why until Transform Your Life. I knew deep down what I really wanted, but I was fearful of the possibilities. Karen encouraged us to be confident and so with the “CLEAR” system I’m proud to say I’ve more than achieved my goal. I went from a 9-5, 40+ hour/week job with a 10-hour/week commute to being a full-time international wedding photographer. I work at home, have amazing clients and am only surrounded by those who believe in me. Living out my dreams every day is a phenomenal feeling. I highly recommend this retreat for absolutely anyone at any place in their life. You won't regret it.” 

Tracey, Edmonton, AB, Transform Your Life participant

"I started working with Karen 6 months after I left my husband. I knew I needed to shift from reactive to proactive and put together a plan for my future, but wasn’t sure of the “how”.  Karen’s extensive program follows a methodical process of exploring our past, and discovering patterns that require change. Most importantly, she shows the “how” to change the behaviours, and resulting patterns. Personal growth, whether physical or psychological requires hard work and a commitment to change. Karen coaches her clients to safely push outside their comfort zone, to work towards the desired results. She provides content and tools that are available long after the program ends, and that I still use today when faced with an uncomfortable growth opportunity. Thanks Karen, for setting me on the right track for a beautiful future." 

Pattie, Grimsby, ON, Transform Your Life participant

"I have really enjoyed participating in the Transform Your Life program. I gained great insights and overall, have been able to let go of a lot of things that are no longer serving me. In the process, I believe that I have gotten closer to being my authentic self whether I am in a relationship or not. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is feeling somewhat stuck and would like to find ways to get past these feelings and towards a path of personal growth and freedom."

Tatiana, Ottawa, ON, Transform Your Life participant

“Ok friends, this is an outstanding program. Not just for those of us who lost partners (or got rid of them :), but for women who need a group of women to listen, to understand, to empathize, and to respect you at a time in your life when you have lost something (job or a partner) and you want to work at taking the steps forward to an interesting and satisfying tomorrow. Consider taking this course and meeting these women. It changed my life!!! Luv you Karen Allen.”

—Patricia, St. Thomas, ON, Transform Your Life participant

“The Transform Your Life retreat was just what I needed to get fired up about my path. Inspirational. That says it all! I loved the structure – release the past, be fiercely present and create your future. The beautiful environment was uplifting. The beautiful people I met, inspiring. I loved how Karen combined presentation with interesting exercises and thoughtful discussion. I left filled with new ideas and positive energy. Ready for change? This retreat will help you figure out how and give you the confidence to go for it!”

Charlotte, Ottawa, ON, participant at Transform Your Life retreat


“I attended the Transform Your Life Retreat with Karen it was amazing! Karen did an excellent job at presenting the material, as well as providing a safe place to share personal thoughts, feelings and experiences with the group. I found the material to be rich in content. We had plenty of time for reflection and discussion. I was really impressed by Karen's ability to not only teach new concepts but also to provide personal coaching when needed. The retreat was well organized and extremely helpful for anyone who is committed to transforming their life.” 

Tauri, Arizona, participant at Transform Your Life retreat


“The Transform Your Life retreat was the best investment in me that I have ever made! Taking time away from my busy life to focus on me and the way I want to live was life-changing. Karen led us through practice exercises that helped me develop a plan for changing my life right away and tips for helping me keep on track once I got home.”

Nancy, Ottawa, ON, participant at Transform Your Life retreat


“I had a blast and I loved getting to meet so many new like-minded people. I loved all the meditations. A lot of them got me very emotional. I also really felt like the past was washed away and I walked out of the retreat as my “new person” thanks to the exercises on writing out what that was. I really didn’t want the weekend to end. I had such a great time.”

Anonymous survey response from Transform Your Life participant

“Extremely knowledgeable, well presented, and plenty of exercises to solidify what is being presented and help make it our own. Great for me because it fit precisely with what I have been learning. So many amazing exercises!”

Anonymous survey response from Transform Your Life retreat participant

About Karen's coaching

“I am so thankful for meeting you. And for helping me to reflect on my life and to make changes and believe in myself and my abilities again. You are a shining star. I feel I am where I am supposed to be in my journey. I am so grateful I have met you and value your experience, inspiration, intuitions, spirituality and love of life. I will continue to challenge myself and learn and grow. I look forward to seeing you again at a get-together.”

—Debbie, Ottawa, ON

I have worked with Karen for a number of months and all i can say is wow, just wow. As a coach, Karen has the perfect balance between caring and challenging. She created a safe and supportive space in which she both supported and challenged me to face my blocks and do the work to start to break them apart. She came to each call prepared with a game plan, questions and homework, but also with the space to allow me to go where i needed to, with her guidance. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Thank you Karen for all that you did to help me move forward.”

—Kari, New Brunswick


"Working with Karen was the right decision for me at the right time. I was stuck. I had no idea how to move forward. I realized that I couldn’t do it alone and that’s where Karen comes in. She was a true coach for me – supportive, focused, and adaptable. She also challenged me to move out of my rut, providing me with a myriad of tools that I still use today. I am a stronger and better person today because of my work with Karen. Thank you always!"

—P. Durrani, Ottawa, ON

“I just wanted to say how much you're really truly helping me, and I appreciate you so much. I've seen so many people about my past, and you're the first to really seem to truly understand what I went through, and you're helping me to see how it's still affecting me today, which nobody has shown me and I never knew why I am the way I am until you. So thank you! :)”

Sarah, Ottawa, ON

"Working with Karen was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I wanted to move my life in a new direction but was uncertain how and at a loss where to start. It is difficult to express my true gratitude to Karen and the effect she has had on my life. She helped me to clarify decisions, find direction for my business dreams, build the courage and confidence to move forward and inspired me with her wisdom and honesty. She always knew what I needed and used numerous techniques (mental, spiritual and practical action steps) to guide me. (All this and we laughed lots too!) She left me with an amazing set of tools and a great sense of strength to draw upon. If you are ready to make change in your life but need some help along the way, get in touch with Karen. I know that you will love working with her."

—Charlotte, Ottawa, ON

"I was hesitant to ask for help during a particularly challenging time in my life. I was at an age where my adult life was just beginning and there were so many different paths I could follow and forces pulling me in every different direction. After receiving coaching from Karen, I was able to gain the confidence I had been lacking to make decisions for myself. After each session with Karen I felt empowered. I felt like I was walking taller, speaking louder and just generally taking on the world with a whole new outlook. I felt confident and hopeful for my future because I now had the tools she had given me to take on anything that came my way. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome from Karen's coaching and would recommend her to anyone."  

—Sydney, Toronto, ON

“I took life coaching lessons from Karen, who is a knowledgeable and inspiring coach. She has guided me through some really challenging times, helping me to see myself more positively, and to believe that I can get what I want. After each session with her, I felt grounded and powerful. Everything in my life is getting better, and I now have a job after being unemployed for over a year. I have also read her book and love it! Her personal experiences really resonate with me, leaving me to believe that if she can do it, so can I. Free to be me is the ultimate guide for how to change your life. I highly recommend it and will be passing on many copies to my friends.” 

—Linda, Ottawa, ON

About Karen's workshops and events

“I attended Karen's online Feel Great When you Date workshop, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it very eye-opening, and it got me thinking about the dating process in a much more positive light. I really enjoyed the course!”

—Nancy, participant in Feel Great when you Date challenge

“I have just completed Karen’s online challenge “Feel Great When You Date”. It was wonderful! Karen really explains where your focus should be. I am new to the dating scene, but I’m now looking forward to it thanks to Karen and her challenge ♥️”

—Renee, participant in Feel Great when you Date challenge

“I loved how you structured the weekend...slides, short partner shares, exercises, and physical movement to give the soul a break :)  And the transformational exercises!! I don't think any of the women there will soon forget the feeling of those hugs and affirmation of Day 1 and the hockey stick "limbo" of Day 2.”

—Johane, participant at Heartbreak to Breakthrough

“I strongly believe the message you conveyed. One must work on themselves in building a happy and solid foundation before wanting to add a romantic partner to it! Here's to hoping my love/romantic partner is doing the same and is a mirror of me when we eventually meet. Thanks again; it was insightful, informative and empowering.”

—Emily, participant at Loving without Losing webinar


“Attending your weekend seminar was so inspiring to see others in the same boat just different sail was very reassuring. I was really impressed with the events both days. I appreciate your presentations and your talks are very inspiring and caring and well expressed. You're an amazing woman and I just want to say thank you for all you do!”

—Pat, participant at Heartbreak to Breakthrough


“Love, love love this workshop! The share we all did with each other was so profound! I also loved the “raise the bar” powerful.”

—Kathy, participant at Heartbreak to Breakthrough

“Karen, you are amazing! Thank you for an awesome course...staff, content, materials and success stories were amazing and very supportive. Thank you so much!”

—Kristi, participant at Heartbreak to Breakthrough


“Listened to your live presentation last night. Thank you. It has helped me to remember to be grateful for my family and friends. Your words keep me focused on remembering to be strong and to love myself more. I am so blessed to have met you on this journey…”

Debbie, participant at Fall Madly in Love with You

"I would like to sincerely THANK you from the bottom of my heart for helping and guiding me in this journey! I can finally, after 3 years, less 5 weeks, say that I forgive my ex. Such an amazing breakthrough...You have a great gift that you need to continue to share, Karen! You have been incredibly generous to us! So lucky for me to have crossed paths with you! Forever grateful!" 

Chantal, participant at Break FREE workshop

"I wanted to say thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your workshop this past weekend. What you are doing for Ottawa’s community of single women is nothing short of extraordinary. I found the exercises so useful and beneficial to finally release all past hurts. The story I am telling myself in my head is one of accomplishment and a life well-lived!"

—Karine, participant at Heartbreak to Breakthrough

"Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful weekend. The information you covered and the personal growth I feel that I achieved were both eye opening and wonderful. Thank you again for giving of yourself during this past weekend.  I've come away with a lot of new information and some wonderful new friendships." 

—Stephanie, participant at Heartbreak to Breakthrough

“I really enjoyed the workshop: the content, the interactive exercises, and the opportunity to connect. The energetic music was fantastic. Thank you!” 

—Anonymous participant at Heartbreak to Breakthrough

“Amazing workshop! Interactive exercises were very useful, and helped me to heal some of my emotional sticking points. I feel refreshed to take on the world!” 

—Anonymous participant at Heartbreak to Breakthrough

“Well presented. So much sharing…very meaningful and informative. Most of all, a safe and trusting environment was created.”

— Kerry, participant at Heartbreak to Breakthrough

“Great workshop! Lots of great information. I loved the interactive exercises and wanted more!” 

—Anonymous participant at Heartbreak to Breakthrough

“So inspiring! I know now what I need to work on. And I will work on going for what I want. Anything is possible…my fear is irrational.
I can win with taking risks either way!”

—Kristen, participant at Heartbreak to Breakthrough

“This felt very freeing! Allowing us to be exactly who we are without care or concern!” 

—Anonymous participant at Heartbreak to Breakthrough

“Karen, you are brilliant! Thank you so much for your time, efforts, love, and so much more.”

Jean, participant at the Soulmate Attraction Summit


“Thank you for this wonderful workshop. Great energy, wonderful information, amazing group of ladies.”

Nathalie, participant at the Soulmate Attraction Summit


“It was great and empowering for me, especially to help me change my limited beliefs. I really enjoyed the partner work and the sharing and energetic exercises.” Debbie, participant at the Soulmate Attraction Summit


“Loved the positive energy. I made a few connections that I plan to follow up on to build my single female network.”

Laura, participant at the Soulmate Attraction Summit


“Truly fantastic workshop. I enjoyed it and learned a lot, and had some unexpected & emotional insights.”

Kavell, participant at the Soulmate Attraction Summit


"OMG - I loved this! You are doing AWESOME work! Can't believe how wonderful I feel. We explored things I didn't even know I needed. I have a LOT more clarity about the future than before. Thank you!" —Jenny, participant at Break FREE workshop


"Loved your exercises! Your evaluations are fabulous, very different from what I have done before! Loved the examples, the content, your knowledge. You are FABULOUS! A real magician!" —Anonymous survey respondent, participant at Break FREE workshop


"I'm not currently single, however I still gained many insights to be a better me!" —Sandie, participant at Heartbreak to Breakthrough

“That was one of the best seminars I’ve heard in a while. You weren’t hawking products all night and you had something powerful to say. Loved it.”

Cathy, participant at Lemons to Lemonade workshop


"I really enjoyed this workshop. The depth of the material was excellent. Karen's caring and energy flows naturally and she is solid on her knowledge of the material. It is clear that she is committed and convicted in her belief that people can transform their lives for the better." 

—Karen, participant at Heartbreak to Breakthrough

"You're amazing! Thank you for giving me HOPE and all the guidance." 

Niva, participant at Lemons to Lemonade workshop

“Went to Karen's Lemons to lemonade evening and I can say without a doubt that it was an aha! moment for me. Karen so softly and generously opens her heart, her home and her shining light to women who are ready to step onto the yellow brick road. What a gift!”

Paula, participant at Lemons to Lemonade workshop

"Thank you for tonight! I learned a lot about my patterns and myself!"

 —Sandra, participant at Lemons to Lemonade workshop

"I came to the workshop pessimistic about the outcome, thinking I would hear what I already heard before. It was refreshing to learn new tips and strategies that I can actually apply in my situation, so I have left my pessimism behind and am optimistic about my power and my future." 

   —Irene, participant at Lemons to Lemonade workshop


“Listening to Karen Allen speak about attracting abundance....rivetting.” —Cheryl, business development leader, Epicure


"I found Karen a well-spoken presenter with a lot of down-to-earth analogies that I could relate to. I left feeling inspired and wanting to learn more and work on myself and my path." 

Julie, participant at Lemons to Lemonade


“Great presentation. We had a great time last night and you did a great job Karen. Would love to have you in the office to talk to the reps.” —Kevin, regional vice president, Primerica

About Free to be me


“Karen Strang Allen knows first-hand the challenges of balancing work, family, and life. Free to be me is packed with honest humour and tools to help you transform your life.”

—Peggy McColl, New York Times bestselling author of Your Destiny Switch


“Karen Strang Allen's Free to be me is one of the most comprehensive books I've ever seen on creating the most extraordinary life you can imagine. There is no time better than NOW to take yourself and your life to the next level, and this book will be your guide.”

—Hal Elrod, #1 bestselling author of The Miracle Morning


“Karen shares very practical tools that her readers can use to transform themselves from the inside out. She puts the fun back into personal development and, through her alter ego, presents wit that will be sure to make you laugh. This is a must read!”

—Mary Cavanagh, co-founder of Ignite Potentials Training and life coach


“I could not put it down! Karen is so gifted and inspiring—one of those rare writers who is deeply real about her own experiences. Her insights evoke emotion, compassion, and a feeling of being understood. Every chapter left me with goosebumps and wanting to learn more. This book will forever change the way you view your life, and will empower you to be the creator of your ideal future.” 

—Jenny Cooper, owner of JC Consulting, Arbonne® consultant, and mother of two


“Wow! You gotta get this book, because it’s really funny, inspiring, and entertaining! Karen’s witty humor makes it so easy to figure out who you truly are, where you want to go, and how to get there. If your life is begging you to make a positive change now, Free to be me is just what the doctor ordered!”

 —Mike Angulo, master NLP practitioner and life coach


“This book is intriguing and insightful, with a big impact. Karen draws on her own personal experiences to create a mind-body-spirit roadmap to help you manifest the life you want. If you put just one of these steps into practice, you can find a more peaceful way to live, work, and feel. Free to be me is a heartfelt and entertaining path to a balanced life.”

—Kealy Mann, naturopathic doctor and mother of two


"After reading Free To Be Me, I felt like anything is possible and it made me realize just how beautiful life can be. Karen is a truly a unique individual, and an inspiration to women of all ages."

—Natalie Idstam, administrative assistant


“Free to be me is a refreshing look at life with all of its ups and downs, good and bad. Karen Strang Allen shares important life lessons and simple tools for change that anyone can do right now, right away, to live the life they've always wanted. Like the journey of the caterpillar into the butterfly, Allen leads the reader step by step on a path of transformation and self-awareness.”

—Jennifer Jane Clark, transformational coach and professional spiritual teacher


“I wish I had this book when I was on my journey to empowerment. Karen Strang Allen has put together a simple, well written powerful guide for seekers who desire to re-write their life story and create an authentic life. It is obvious Karen has traveled the path she offers in this well-crafted book. She offers genuine tools, techniques, methods and more to aid in transforming one's life. I highly recommend this book as it has become a book I recommend to my clients.”

—Janet Love, host of The Janet Love Show/spiritual intuitive consultant


“Free to be me is packed with the principles and practical direction needed to live a passionate and fulfilling life. Karen Strang Allen has studied the self-help masters, and with stories of personal experience and a sprinkling of humor, has compiled an inspirational, motivational compendium to address the challenges of modern-day living. It will be a must read for my daughter, and several copies will be needed for the patients in my reception room. I only wish that our schools included material like this in their curriculum.” 

—Dr. Ken W. Dick, sports kinesiologist, doctor of chiropractic, and father of three


“A remarkable book…authentic and grounded, yet optimistic and uplifting.”

—Dr. Denis Cauvier, international bestselling author of The ABCs of Making Money

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