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We are all meant to enjoy abundance, love and happiness in our lives. That includes matter what your past history or current challenges are. Whether you need help creating the relationship you want, or you need a total life makeover, let's talk and see how I can help you!



As a professional life coach trained in transformational coaching, women-centered coaching, assertiveness coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and success training, I help women access their most powerful self, transforming fear and limiting beliefs into confidence and courage so they can create extraordinary lives and relationships. 


My job is to help you create a joyful life and healthy, happy relationships. So let’s get started, shall we?


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Karen is an award-winning speaker and trained communications professional who engages her audience with warmth, energy and enthusiasm. She inspires people to change using real-life examples, practical strategies, and interactive exercises. And she puts the fun back into personal and professional development with humour and active learning.


Audiences leave armed with the inspiration and tools they need to propel themselves and their organizations to extraordinary success.


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Karen's mission is to help women around the world to uplevel their life and love life (so they stop settling for less than they deserve). So she offers a number of free and low-cost workshops throughout the year (with proceeds donated to her sponsored charity).


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online programs

Karen offers two life-changing online programs for women:

  1. Transform Your Life - This program is intended for any woman (single or married) who wants to move past heartbreak, rediscover who she is and what she wants, and gain the courage and confidence to create a life she loves.

  2. Heartbreak to Soulmate - This program is for single women who not only want to thrive as a single woman, but also want to find a great partner. Note: Transform Your Life is part of this larger program.

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Part of how Karen gives back is by creating a strong community for single women. She remembers how hard it was to meet people in the early days of being single, so she created a place for single women to connect and support each other.

We invite you to join these two free communities:

Karen also donates the proceeds from her workshops to a worthy cause each year. For 2021-2023, Karen's sponsored charity is Women's Shelters Canada. This amazing charity is a coalition of shelters and transition houses that are united to end violence against women and support women in finding safe places to live and rebuild their lives.

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