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Here are Karen's recent media appearances...

Rogers TV - May 2023

Learn how to stay safe when dating in this video interview with Derick Fage: 
Tips to avoid online dating scams (6:33)

Rogers Daytime - Derick Fage - 2023.jpg
Women Rock magazine - April 2023

I was thrilled to be featured in the Spring 2023 edition of Women Rock Magazine!

My article is on pp. 30-31: Empowering Single Women - January 2023

Find out how to succeed with goal-setting in this CBC article: 
Experts say this is why we fail to fulfill our New Year's resolutions - December 2021

Discover how dating has changed during the pandemic in this CBC article: 
Ghosting, vaccine status and changing first meets: That's dating during COVID-19

Thrive TV - November 2019

Check out this ThriveTV interview with Lauren Parson on 
Why relationships are so hard (25:00) You'll discover: 

  1. Why relationships often fail

  2. The 3 keys to lasting love

  3. The one question to regularly ask your partner

Rogers TV - April 2019

Discover how to find a great partner in this funny video interview with Dylan Black:
Soulmate Attraction Summit

Thrive TV - Lauren Parsons - Nov 2019.jpg
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