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love yourself. love your life. find love!

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Join our global virtual community of Empowered Single Women!

Join me for Loving without Losing, a FREE online training on how to find lasting love without losing yourself again (my best-ever training to date)!

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Couple in Nature
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Six weeks after I married my soulmate at age 22, I became a widow. My world fell apart and so did took years to put the pieces back together.


Then at age 35, my second husband and I separated and I began a new life again...this time with two young children clinging to my leg.

This wasn't the life I had planned. I had always been the "relationship girl" in school, picturing wedding dresses and white picket fences. So I wasn't prepared to become single...again.

But the Universe was trying to tell me something - and I finally listened.

I came to realize the tremendous power in letting myself be untethered... rediscovering my strengths and passions and rebuilding my life with myself at the center.

This is why today I'm such a passionate advocate for single women...helping them to raise their standards for life and love and go after their dreams.

My mission is to help women fall back in love with themselves, create joy-filled lives, and create happy, healthy relationships!

Whether you are recently single, single for a long time, or in a relationship you're unsure about, I invite you to watch my free training Loving without Losing to learn more, and to join my global community of Empowered Single Women.

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Note: We provide coaching services for women who are ready to change their life and love life. We are not mental health professionals and cannot diagnose or provide treatment for a mental illness, nor provide advice on medications. If you are struggling to cope with a mental illness, your best first step would be a doctor, therapist, or psychologist. 

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